On all of our trips we provide fishing license, rod & reel, tackle, bait, ice and a great crew that provides friendly instruction and wants you to have a great time.
On our Full Day trip we include a hot breakfast and hot lunch plus unlimited tea, soda, and coffee.
On our Half Day trip we include a hot lunch and unlimited tea, soda, and coffee.
Evening Shark Trips do not include any meal or drink.

Yes the crew will work very hard for you to earn their tip and they primarily do work for tips. 15% to 20% of regular ticket price is standard for great service. The crew will come around with a tip bucket at the end of the day. You can also set up a pre-tip and get a tip voucher to put in the tip bucket at the end of the day if you prefer to use a credit card.

Prepare for a day in the sun. Sun screen, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes is all you really need any other odds and ends you might find useful will be available for sale at the marina store, our ticket booth or onboard. On rainy days be prepared with a rain jacket/poncho.

Yes, everything that you catch that is in season and of legal size is yours to keep. The crew will fillet your fish at the end of the day for a additional tip. You can also take your fillets to Grill’s restaurant to be cooked up for lunch or dinner.

Yes! We have Hats, Shirts, Stickers, Coolers, Cups, and Koozies available for purchase in the Ticket Booth.

Beer goes well with fishing! Bring it if you would like but make sure it’s in cans and not glass bottles. Make sure you only bring a small personal sized cooler (Height: 17″, Width: 11″) that you can carry with one hand or over the shoulder. If you want, you can also buy beer on board, we have domestic beer (Coors Light, Bud Light, Busch Light, Michelob Ultra), import beer (White Claws, Heineken, Corona)

Yes! Make sure you only bring a small personal sized cooler that you can carry with one hand or over the shoulder. The cooler may not have wheels.

Height = 17″

Width = 11″

We also have 6 pack coolers available for purchase in the Ticket Booth.

Yes, you can bring your own rods but only one rod holder per person, and yes you can use braid. If you have more than one rod it can be stowed away on the upper deck.

Yes, you can bring your own live bait. We have a community bait well on board, whatever you put in, you take out. We do provide frozen squid and whole sardines. If you bring your own bait well make sure it’s not flooding over with water.

The boat can hold up to 65 people but we generally try to keep it to 45 people or less. We do get busy during Spring Break, Summer Break & Holiday weekends. In general weekdays are less crowed than weekends.

We fish reefs, wrecks and cones located 15 to 30 nautical miles offshore Port Canaveral. On half day trips we tend to stay within 15 to 20 miles with a average travel time of about a hour & fifteen minutes. On full day and special extended trips we usually fish 20 to 30 miles with the average travel time being a hour & thirty minutes. We are the fastest party fishing boat in the port and we are willing to travel further when needed to find the fish.

Yes please make a reservation and book as soon as you are sure of the date you want to fish. This will help us make sure we have enough folks to go during off season and allows us to direct people to different days to spread the load during busy season. It also allows us to establish contact information so we can inform you on anything you might need to know as your trip gets closer.

Full days and half days – at least 20 people, shark trips – at least 15 people. For day trip we will contact you by 6pm the day before if we don’t meet the minimum number and for shark trips we will contact you by 2pm the same day if we don’t meet the minimum number.

The short answer is no. Stern spots are nice on the rare days we have a lot of current that pushes the lines to the back of the boat. Normally we can adjust where we fish to get out of the current. Sometimes the perception is that the stern is better because our regulars tend to book early and pay extra for the stern way ahead of time. These guys fish a lot and are very skilled anglers, so yes on average they will catch more fish but it is due to their skill level not fishing spot. No matter what spot on the boat you are located, you will have just as good of a shot at the big one as anyone else. In fact, we recommend you save money and don’t pay the extra $10 for the stern spot and treat yourself to a fresh cook your catch dinner at The Grill’s Restaurant at the end of the day with that money instead.

You can start boarding the boat an hour before it leaves, as long as you are checked in and the mates are ready for you to board.

We are always keeping a close eye on sea conditions and the marine forecast issued by NOAA weather service. We never fish in unsafe conditions and wait for the 5pm update to make the decision for the next day. If the decision to cancel is made we will contact everyone by 6 p.m. the evening before your trip by phone call, text and e-mail. We will try to reschedule you to a different day if you can but if not we will issue you a full refund. If sea conditions are forecasted to be very rough but safe we do go fishing. We will inform you if sea conditions are forecasted to be rough so you can reschedule to a different day if you don’t want to fish in rough seas. Rain is very common in Florida and is forecasted almost daily especially in the summer months. A rainy forecast in the Summer just means it is going to rain somewhere at some point for a short period of time. Typically the rain moves from the NW part of the state and works its way over. Normally by the time it reaches us we are done fishing or it has rained itself out. We also have a really big ocean to work with so we can normally drive around any rain storms. The fish are already wet so they don’t care πŸ™‚ . We do the very best we can but in very rare circumstances the forecast misses and we have to make the call in the morning. We understand that it is very upsetting when we are forced to cancel last minute. We know people got up early and sometimes drove a long ways. Safety is a priority and if a last minute decision to cancel has to be made we will try reaching you as quick as possible but there are a lot of other fun things to do in the area and the Grills Restaurant makes a great breakfast so all is not lost. Always feel free to call us if you have any concerns and we will give you all the info that we have so you can make the best decision for you and your family/group.

Pretty much the same as the above day trip policy and we will try to give you notice by 6 pm the evening before. That being said the evening shark trips in the summer can be more apt to be canceled due to storms. Shark trips are also more apt to go even when the marine forecast is rough because we are able to fish very close and the Canaveral Shoal gives us a lot of protection when the wind is out of the Northwest or West. A lot of times it is best to wait until 2pm the day of the shark trip to make the call.

Yes we work closely with a local taxidermist that does phenomenal work. Ask any of our crew and they will help with the arrangements to have your fish mounted and shipped to you.

Yes we do and it is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Our regulars card gets you tickets up to half off, free trips, same rate for special extended trips, entry into tournaments exclusive to our regulars and 10% discount in the Sunrise Fish Dive & Surf Store.

If you do not show up or cancel 24 hours in advance, your ticket price will not be refunded.